getting excited about stuff is a great investment in future disappointment

Thought I'd have a play of star wars battlegrounds but what i downloaded was battlefront and I didn't realise until starting the game and it was Not What I Expected

i'm not making a new gif for a new caption soz

hey anyone marching in Lundun today you kick arse

No one here really eats pumpkin but the supermarkets are full of them to be turned into faces and left out to rot and I think that's kinda sad because they're friggin tasty

Problem is I can completely understand Pickle's urge to shove random objects into the subwoofer

me when i have loads to do (i.e. right now)

"Critics are divided over whether this is even intended to be funny"

[Me, standing alone in a field]

"so you see that's why Sabotage is the best Ozzy era Sabbath album"

siri text mum sorry i never listened when you said don't talk to strangers on the internet

About ten years ago on the old(bird)site I started exclusively posting about dating rather than just whatever guff and quite quickly had a few hundred friends on there who would all be like "No not the red shirt this time!" or "Try the nice tapas place again" but when I started seeing someone exclusively about half of them vanished

Has anyone else found the profile of how people respond to toots has changed suddenly lately or are my toots just not interesting to anyone any more [serious]

My kid is really starting to get there with understanding what I say even though he only has a small vocabulary himself and we went out for a walk yesterday and he was looking at the leaves on the ground and I said "Look, the leaves have started falling off of the trees" and he looked at a tree and back at the floor and said "Oh no!"

Reading online newspapers is such a shitty experience I've started buying real newspapers again

Next bar I run I'm going to get a bunch of arcade tables and board games and a dance mat and stuff and call it an ActivityPub

"Who will they put on the new £50 note?"

who is on the current £50? *shrug*

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